Passionate Collector of Art, Supercars and Watches based in Geneva, Switzerland


Alexandre Mourreau is a prominent Swiss-Italian businessman and entrepreneur known for his involvement in the media, event organising, and the world of real estate and property development. He’s also famous for his multiple investments and collections which have grown throughout the years, and which continue to thrive, through his various passions, which are mainly art, luxury products, supercars, and watches.

Alexandre’s natural charisma, respected influence, focused determination, and never-ending motivation are shared throughout the business world and social media, especially on Instagram. These traits, along with his panache for networking, his attendance at multiple worldwide events, and the way in which he represents and portrays products, have made him a true ambassador for many of the world’s biggest luxury brands. Through sheer dedication and hard work, he has gained huge recognition and a widely commended reputation, creating substantial impact and exclusivity within the social media industry and the global market in general.

Being so active in the world of business and on social media, he has collaborated with many well-known brands, companies, international celebrities, and online influencers producing a large amount of highly regarded marketing content. He regularly gives advice and recommendations on a wide range of topics, and he also offers insights into many of his prized collections. However, you will mainly see him behind the wheel of some of the world’s most sought-after supercars!


On an independent and private level, Alexandre invests in and renovates multiple property types, including houses, apartments, and commercial premises for the purposes of developing his property portfolio and renting to the general market in Switzerland. It is proposed to bring this side of the business to new international markets in the future, and he looks forward to new and exciting, opportunities in Dubai, which are currently in the pipeline.

Alexandre is the co-founder and director of Future Photography, a Swiss-based company offering photo and video services to private and corporate clients globally. Through the company’s partners, services such as website development, online brand management, and revenue growth via the Internet are also available.

Additionally, using his social media platforms and overall public persona, Alexandre works on and offers collaboration, marketing, and publicity for brands, companies, global celebrities, and social media personalities in a wide range of business-related pursuits.

He’s the founder and director of AM Events, a company that specializes in event planning and management, and also the director of Cars & Coffee Geneva, a yearly event for supercar and hypercar owners.

Alexandre Mourreau's six proven tips to begin your entrepreneurial venture

When it comes to achieving success, Alexandre Mourreau, Director and Co-Founder at Future Photography and a renowned collaborator with various automobile companies, believes that earning it through hard work and passion holds greater significance than having it handed to you.

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Building a Business Empire: Leadership and Business Acumen Insights from Swiss-Italian Entrepreneur

In a world where individuals often feel adrift and struggle to discover their passions, Alexandre Mourreau's story stands as a shining beacon of hope. His unwavering commitment to his interests and hobbies has not only brought him immense joy but has also established him as a role model for many. As an entrepreneur and visionary, he has skillfully integrated his passions into the many businesses he has created and developed.

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